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Homemade Book Cover

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Construct a cover for a homemade book from salvaged cardboard. You can wing it or check out the ideas on the web sites below:


Kids Craft: Using Outdated Jewelry

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These kids craft projects are super simple. Instead of throwing away outdated or broken bead necklaces use them to make any of the following kids craft projects.

Candle Tray

Glue large beads of the same size to the four corners of a piece of tempered glass or under the bottom of a clear drinking glass. If you wish you could also glue beads along all four edges of the top side of the glass piece to create a lip for your tray or along the top edge of the glass for an embellishment. Set votive candles or tea lights on glass tray or inside drinking glass.

Light & Fan Pulls

Remove the cheap-looking metal bell at the end of your light and/or fan pulls and replace them with beads which have a hole large enough for the chain to fit inside. Squirt a little glue into the hole and insert the chain. Secure with tape if needed until glue dries.

Shade Pulls

Remove the tacky plastic pulls from your window shades and replace them with several beautiful beads. Secure with a knot under the bead or a drop of glue.

If you have your own ideas for a kids craft project, please share it with a comment.