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Stretchofoam Recipe

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I don’t claim to have come up with this recipe but it is an old standby in our Fun Activities For Kids Book which we give out to all of our prescreened babysitters here in the Orange County and San Diego County offices. Just a word about this book which I think is unique to the licensed babysitting agency business. Our Fun Activities For Kids Book is chock full of summer activities for kids, cool kid games, outdoor activities for kids, fun arts and crafts activities. The following Stretchofoam recipe is one of several goop and slime recipes in our book.

Fill a coffee mug with about a quarter inch of acetone. Acetone is the key ingredient in nail polish remover.

Place Styrofoam in the acetone. It should fizzle. Keep adding more Styrofoam until you have a good sized blob. At this point you can pick it up and play with it.

You can wash your Stretchofoam if you don’t want to get acetone on your hands. The acetone might dry your hands out, but washing it will cause it to lose some of it’s stretchy properties.