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Affordable Family Outings

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This post is courtesy of The Dollar Saver. At the end of this post you’ll find a link to their website with a host of articles on ways to save money on entertainment, on meals and in the home.

When planning family activities, always assess whether your family will actually have “fun.” Many times, I see fed-up parents dragging tired, over-stimulated kids around amusement parks, forcing their kids to go on rides when the kids are terrified just to “get their money’s worth.” I once spent $100 on circus tickets, only to find my son was more interested in the toy that the kid next to him had! Kids often don’t need or want the expensive entertainment. They may enjoy a splash pad rather than an amusement park or a petting zoo rather than one with lions and tigers.

One time I took my son for a ride to the end of the streetcar line and back. We had an ice cream at the end. The total cost included one child’s transit ticket and $4 for ice cream. I have a transit pass. On the streetcar, we passed a lot of interesting sites, including the recycling center where we could see the bales of paper and plastic bottles piled up.

Go to the school yard and draw an obstacle course with sidewalk chalk in the parking lot. Then let your kid(s) ride around it. Or use remote-control cars if you have them. I used to play traffic policeman and have the kids answer a question in order to change from stop to go (make a sign on a paper plate with a popsicle stick). I used questions like “What is your address?”. Invite other neighborhood kids.

Set up the sprinkler. We had a great time when we put a wading pool at the bottom of our backyard slide, making our own water park! I duct-taped the hose to the top of the slide and let some water dribble down to keep the slide slick.
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