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Preventing SIDS

Posted by TKA Guest Post

Note to Parents:

I debated whether or not to post the following article as SIDS is such a scary topic for a new parent. However since recent research has given us some new insights I decided to post this article submitted by one of our Guest Bloggers.

Did you know that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is still one of the leading causes of infant deaths in United States? It has been documented that SIDS usually occur between the ages of 1 month just under 12 months and until recently there is no documented cause of SIDS. Now that some of the risk factors for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome have been identified doctors and other medical experts are doing their best though to educate mothers regarding how to avoid SIDS from happening by taking certain precautions.

The predisposing factors for SIDS are the following; alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of prenatal follow-up, premature birth, placing too many garments on or around the baby and placing the baby on his/her stomach when putting to sleep.
You may have noticed that many of the predisposing factors occur prenatally. Extra care can be taken by the mother to prevent SIDS from happening even before the birth of her baby. Take for example smoking; it has been discovered that many babies who died of SIDS had a buildup of nicotine in their systems. Passive smoking is one of the greatest factors for SIDS and therefore should be avoided both prenatally and after birth while around your infant.

Thank you to our Guest Blogger for shedding some light on SIDS. While this is a difficult topic to discuss, especially when there is so much mystery regarding the cause of SIDS, it’s heartening to know that there are some things a mother can do to increase her child’s chances of not falling victim to SIDS.

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