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Rainy Day Activities For Kids

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If you’re afraid you’ll go stir crazy with your little munchkins running around the house all day check out these ideas, many submitted by parents:

Hanging Out on the Homefront

Sitters UnlimitedKid Crafts.

Treasure Hunt – hide 10 to 50 small similar objects such as marbles, beans, plastic eggs, army men … Whoever finds the most gets to be the one who hides them for the next round.

Magazine Scavenger Hunt – make a list of items for the kids to find, give them a stack of old magazines and let them go for it. First one who finds all items on the list gets to choose what’s for lunch or dinner, depending on what time of day you’re playing.

Indoor Ball Games – place a coin or a bean inside a balloon, blow it up and you have an indoor friendly ball to use for catch, soccer, volleyball …

from Twitterer @Teach_Preschool
We play an inside relay. I make a list of 10 actions for example “Go upstairs and knock on the bedroom door”. We time how long it takes each child to go through every action on the list. Then we make a new list and play again. Other actions: jump up and down five times, sing mary had a little lamb, give everyone a hug, walk down the hall backwards …

Activities For Kids in Hotel Rooms – COMING SOON


Cabin Fever? Get Out of the House

From Twitterer @leighsarti
Dad Tip of the Day: Raining outside? Take your kids to the bike store and have them ride all the different bikes. Fun, free and you stay dry.

from Twitterer @mamarenew
Put on the rain gear and go out for a walk in the woods! Count the slugs …

Pet Store Window Shopping – hang out at a pet store where they can pet puppies, hold hamsters, gaze at strange looking fish …

Toy Store Hang Out – find a toy store in your area that has hands on demos.

Download Mom Maps to find kid-friendly places near you.

Check out your area for children’s museums such as:
Pretend City in Irvine, CA
Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA

Kids Bowl Free at participating locations throughout the U.S. all summer long.

Take the family out for a meal at a fast food restaurant that also has an indoor play area. Take a book and relax while the kids go crazy climbing through tunnels, sliding down slides, and climbing rope walls.

Family Favorite Rainy Day Movies

Your Own Rainy Day Ideas

If you have a favorite rainy day activity or idea please help us out by adding your comments below.