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Pizza For Breakfast & Other Ways To Get Your Kids to Eat Breakfast

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healthy breakfast ideas

Come on – we’ve all done it. If we haven’t fed it to our kids we’ve certainly had cold leftover pizza for breakfast. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with that. The important thing is that you eat something before heading out to conquer the world. And when it comes to our kids we want them to start the day with something nutritious to help them focus and pay attention during school. Children who head off on their day without any breakfast tend to be irritable and find it hard to concentrate.

That said, many mornings we’re hard pressed to have the time to sit down to breakfast and sometimes our kids just don’t want to eat breakfast. For those kinds of morning here are some “grab and go” suggestions that you can either prepare ahead or just be aware of to get you through the next time you have a breakfast-impossible kind of morning.

  • leftover pizza
  • quesadilla – try adding apple slices, chicken or turkey, tomatoes – anything that will give them a little extra nutrition
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwich or any sandwich
  • sliced turkey rolled up with a slice of cheese and a lettuce leaf (if they’ll deign to eat anything green)
  • eggs and cheese rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla or scooped into a whole wheat pita
  • sliced fruit or a fruit that’s easy to eat with zero preparation such as a Cutie orange
  • granola bar or any food bar
  • french toast or waffles cut into strips

Hopefully the next time you’re on the run you can grab one of these items to give you and your family the fuel you’ll need to conquer your day.