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Request to Modify Street Sweeping Parking Citation Process in Santa Ana, California

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Petition Body:

On street sweeping days we would like to have the option to legally park more than two cars in a driveway so that when we have guests or service persons they will not be ticketed. I’ve spoken to the Santa Ana Police Department re: issuing citations for automobiles who have made a best effort to not obstruct the street but in doing so have partially obstructed the sidewalk or have tires on the lawn. I was told that it is not the SAPD policy to ticket automobiles in this situation on street sweeping days however tickets are issued on these days. So without a clear policy our guests and service people are continually in danger of receiving parking citations

I have talked to the Parking Commissioner and/or Street Sweeping Supervisor for the cities of Irvine, Newport Beach, Garden Grove, Tustin, Orange, and Fountain Valley to determine how they handle this problem. The overwhelming suggestion was to petition to have the No Parking signs removed, however that seems a little excessive. We don’t want to make the street sweepers job more difficult by leaving our cars in the street, we simply don’t want to receive citations when we’ve made every effort to not obstruct the street but aren’t able to refrain from obstructing the sidewalk or having tires on the lawn.

Possible Solutions:

We propose one or more of the following solutions:

1. Parking permits issued  for each residence which when displayed on cars on street sweeping days during the street sweeping window will allow that car to obstruct the sidewalk but not the street.

2. Sweep even numbered side of the street on one day and odd numbered side on another day. If you make this change so that even is one week and odd is another week you would save the city a considerable amount on their street sweeping contract.

3. Amend the parking policy to allow obstruction of the sidewalk during a neighborhood’s street sweeping window.

4. If a citation is received during a street sweeping window:

  • provide an easy process to contest a ticket received during a street sweeping window
  • allow tickets received during a street sweeping window to be contested online
  • give clear instructions on the ticket and Santa Ana City website for how to contest

If you have a preference for one of the solutions above or want to suggest another solution please use the comments section below and indicate which homeowners association you live within.

And please pass this URL on to any Santa Ana residents that you know. The more signatures we have the better chance we have of making a positive change.

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First NameLast NameEmailZipcode
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Make Your Own Plastic Beads with Recycled Soda Bottles

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This is one of those crafts where the process is just as much fun as the finished product. And anytime that we can combine a fun craft, using free materials, that is also eco-friendly, we get ultra excited.

Start by using a knife to cut the top and bottom section from a clear plastic soda bottle.Use scissors to cut down the middle of the resulting tube to make a rectangle. If there are any portions where the glue from the label is hanging on, just trim those portions away.

Use Sharpies to draw or write whatever you like on the inside of the rectangle.

Cut this rectangle into strips anywhere from 1/4-inch to 3/4-inch wide following the curve of the plastic so that the strips will roll inward.

Preheat an oven to 300 degrees F.

Roll each strip around a pencil (or pen) and tie with a piece of string or twine. Don’t use tape because it will melt in the oven. Please the strips on a foil lined cookie sheet. Bake at for 2 minutes.

Take the pan out and slide the string off of one bead. If it stays curled up then the beads are ready. If it doesn’t stay curled up then put the tray back in the oven for another minute or two.

When the beads have cooled trim off any ragged edges.

No go use your beads to make a bracelet, a necklace, or string them up to make long strands that you can use to decorate a Christmas tree, or hang in a doorway or window.

Note: you could use colored plastic bottles and skip the Sharpie step.