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Don’t Let Your Rainy Day Be a Waste: These 6 Indoor Activities Will Help Your Child Learn While Having Fun

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When a lot of people think about rainy days, they think about things getting canceled or lying around wasting the day away. But inclement weather doesn’t have to ruin your day or keep your kid from learning. There are plenty of fun and educational activities that work perfectly indoors. If you want to make the most of your rainy day, here are 6 activities to get you started:

1. Math Activities

There are several ways your kid can improve their math skills while indoors. One fun architectural exercise is to have them draw up a floor plan to scale of any room in the home. Such an exercise will teach your kid proportions, ratios, estimations, and other skills. If you want to go the extra mile, you can have them continue their design on a computer-aided design (CAD) program. Cooking is another way to work math into their everyday life, as it involves measuring and weighing food, converting temperature, changing quantities, and so on.

2. Science Activities

There are also countless science activities that can be done when your kid is stuck indoors. And the best part about it is that many of them require only a few ingredients from the kitchen and minimal equipment. For instance, have your kid make their own glass of lava and observe how the oil and salt reacts with the water. Or they could try to make edible glass, in which they would watch melting sugar turn into a glassy and translucent substance.

3. Online Music Tutorials

Another activity to consider for your kid is an online music tutorial. There are numerous options for free beginner lessons, and online lessons that are catered to musicians of all levels have gained popularity over the years. Whether it’s a combination of free videos or a live consultation with a teacher, learning from the comfort of your own home is hard to beat on a rainy day! Whether your child is learning to play the guitar, saxophone, or flute, make sure to research instruments before buying.

4. YouTube Exercise Videos

YouTube is an excellent source for all kinds of free education, but it also contains a lot of helpful exercise videos. If your kid prefers yoga and meditation, Yoga with Adriene provides a variety of videos that are sure to satisfy.

5. Storytelling Circle

If your kid has friends close by, invite them over to the house for this activity. Storytelling provides kids with the opportunity to exercise their imagination, creative thinking skills, verbal skills, and social skills. Check out this article with various storytelling exercises that cover subjects from English to history to business marketing. The exercises can be applied either to a classroom or at home.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Another fun and educational indoor activity to do with a group of kids is a scavenger hunt. Hide a variety of items throughout the home, make a list of the items, and give each kid a list. To make the experience more educational, add a couple items that will require the kids to do a little extra reading, identify atypical colors, do some counting, and so on. Making the last item hard to find is a good way to build excitement toward the end. It can also be fun to offer a reward to the winner, such as a movie ticket or gift card to a store in the mall.

So, there you have it; you don’t have to let the next rainy day be a waste! Introduce your teenager to some of the many math and science activities, online tutorials, and exercise videos available. Invite some of their friends over for a storytelling game or scavenger hunt. Inclement weather is an opportunity for your kid to find new ways to be fun and productive.


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