Sitters Unlimited of Orange County, CA & San Diego County, CA values our relationships with the many parents who trust us to care for their families. We thought that some of our parents may want to connect with other parents, either to share theirfamily care experiences or to ask questions that other parents may be able to help with. As you can see by the information that we invite below you do not need to live in Orange County, CA or San Diego County, CA both of which are areas served by Sitters Unlimited to connect with other parents.

This post will be continually updated with new contacts. To be added to this post and to make it easier for othe parents to find you, please leave the following information in your comment IN THE ORDER BELOW:

  • City and State or Metropolitan Area, you live in
  • male or female
  • age of child(ren) and/or indicate if your interest is in adult care
  • work at home, work outside the home, stay at home parent
  • single parent (if you are looking to connect with other single parents)
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace or other contact ID

You’re welcome to suggest a category that you don’t see listed.

BUSINESS LISTINGS – This directory is not for business listings. If you wish to list your business you may post here.

Now for the legal stuff: While Sitters Unlimited of Orange County, CA & San Diego County, CA, enjoys providing a way for parents to connect with each other we cannot provide specific recommendations or endorsements for anyone listed here.