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How To Do Your Own Background Check with LiveScan

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Background Check through LiveScan

If you don’t have a current background check and don’t have the time to do it yourself then I recommend Live Scan as the easiest and least costly way to go.

U.S. citizens are entitled to request a criminal background check for their personal records. You should note on the form that the purpose of the background check is for “Record Review” otherwise you could be charged an astronomical fee. So how we saved you money already. 🙂

Even if you’ve done a LiveScan in the past you will need to renew your Live Scan every year.

Follow these steps to obtain your LiveScan:

Step 1: Download the Live Scan form and fill it out. Print clearly or type your personal information on the form.

Step 2: Make three copies of the Live Scan form after you fill it out.

Step 3: Find a Live Scan center near you. Enter “livescan near me” in the search box of your browser and you should see a list of LiveScan locations

Step 4: Bring the following to your LiveScan appointment:

Three copies of the filled out LiveScan Request Form

Government-issued photo identification such as a current Driver’s License, State ID or a passport.

Filling Out the Live Scan Request Form

You’ll only fill out the following two sections.

Type of Application: Record Review

Fill out the section of the application that asks for your personal information. This section starts with “Name of Applicant” DO NOT fill out any other sections other than these two sections.

What Happens Next

If there are no fingerprints in the system that match your fingerprints, then your transaction is generally processed within 48 to 72 hours.


Fees vary by location. Be sure to let the Live Scan office know that you want the Live Scan for your own personal review.

Download LiveScan form


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