The advantage to passing out business cards and postcards is that you have more control over who you’re connecting with plus you’re reaching parents in a way that’s outside the box that all the other care-givers in your area are using to find jobs. We’ve used all of the methods below to build up our client base.

Leave flyers or postcards on:

  • Doors in your neighborhood. It’s illegal to leave unstamped mail in mailboxes so if you’re going door to door you’re going to have to walk up to the door to leave your postcard.
  • Car windshields at events that are likely to attract parents such as parking lots on weekends when soccer games are going on, the library during story time …

Bulletin boards at:

  • Apartment and condo complexes at mailboxes and laundry rooms.
  • Coffee shops – ask the manager or they may take down your info as soon as you leave.
  • Grocery stores often have bulletin boards.
  • Restaurants – ask the manager.
  • Gyms
  • Community Centers
  • Library
  • Churches
  • Daycare center

A word about bulletin board posting – don’t try to be sneaky, ask for permission. If a business doesn’t want outsiders to post on their board they’ll just remove your card after you leave, but if you ask for  permission they just might say yes 😊

Hand out business cards to parents you meet at the park or in your neighborhood.

Use double-sided tape to stick business cards or postcards to benches in parks, on ATM machines, on gas pumps, on the back of bathroom doors in movie theatres and churches. I cannot tell you how many moms called my office laughing (in a good way) about the postcard they found on the back of the bathroom stall door.

Business Card w Crop Marks

Business Card for Avery Business Card Paper

Postcard w Crop Marks

Postcard for Avery Postcard Paper