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How To Get CPR & 1st Aid Certified – Online & On-site Resources

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Being able to tell prospective employers that you’re CPR & 1st Aid Certified is a big plus. The downside is that these courses are expensive ($80 – $120), time-consuming (8+ hours), and can be difficult to find one near you on a date you can attend. We found an option that has worked well for our caregivers for over a decade. When I first found out about on-line CPR/1st Aid courses I was skeptical that they would provide a credible experience so I went through the on-line courses through three different services and I was pleasantly surprised at how thorough they were. Each course took between 30 and 60 minutes and I was able to print out my certification as soon as I passed each course.
Cost: $15
Time Commitment: 30 minutes
Certificate is good for two years.
The Red Cross says that they have both on-line courses and a database of local hands-on courses. Each course comes with unlimited two-year access to the course materials so you can take your time getting through a class, or complete all of the modules all at once, then revisit the materials and refresh your skills as needed.
This is a confusing website that doesn’t make it easy to find the price for the courses or offer a direct route to take a course. After more than an hour cruising this website I never did find out how to actually register for and take the online courses they offer. It is a good resource for on-site courses though.
Cost: $90 – $120
Cost: $18 for both courses
Time Commitment: 30 minutes
Certificate is good for two years.
Cost: $26 for both courses
Time Commitment: 30 minutes

Certificate is good for two years.



How to Safely Hire a Babysitter, Pet Sitter, or Senior Companion Caregiver

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If you choose to use an online service such as or Craigslist to directly hire a caregiver be sure to use the steps in our 15-Step Verification Process as well as take the following precautions:

1. Don’t believe everything you read. Verify everything that your prospective caregiver claims.

2. If someone is offering a really great deal, recognize that there may be a reason for this. Think about it. If the going rate for a babysitter in your area is $15/hr, why would someone only charge $10/hr?

3. Consider meeting a prospective caregiver at a neutral location instead of your home. Yes, it saves time to meet at your home, but when you’re hiring someone to care for a loved one, take the time to play it safe.

4. Bring at least one other family member with you. While you’re asking questions, this person is paying attention to the little things that you may not notice while engaged in a conversation. They can also simply offer a second opinion.

5. Step 3 above encourages you to get references but we want to elaborate on this. Calling references does not guarantee you’ll be able to weed out a less than ideal candidate, but it’s a place to start. A family member who’s serving as a reference is not the best one to speak for a candidate, but they can help in other ways. They can verify the information your candidate gives you (or not), they can steer you to other references (if you ask).

6. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP – if someone seems like a great match, but in the back of your mind something tells you this is not a good idea, then it’s probably not a good idea. Most of the time, your gut instinct is right.


Sitters Unlimited 15-Step Verification Process

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We realize that hiring someone to care for a family member can be a daunting prospect and so we want to share with you the steps we use to vet anyone who works with us.

Every babysitter, night nanny, pet sitter, senior companion caregiver & party helper we work with must have passed all fifteen of the verification steps below:

1. We have several phone conversations and up to six email exchanges prior to even sending a potential caregiver an application.
2. Our application is 10 pages long and includes many essay sections. We want to know more than where they’ve been and what they’ve done, we want to know how they think and communicate.
3. We personally speak to 6 to 12 references.
4. Criminal background check.
5. National Sexual Offenders Database check.
6. DMV records check.
7. In-person interview.
8. Drivers license and Social Security check.
9. 1st few jobs are group sits or with older children so that we can get detailed feedback.
10. CPR & 1st Aid Certification in Infant Pediatrics must be kept current.
11. 3 other checks which are proprietary to Sitters Unlimited’s process.
12. We continually check: criminal background, National Sexual Offenders Database, DMV and items from #11.

If you decide to hire a caregiver directly be sure to check out our recommendations for further vetting a caregiver.



Connecting With Other Parents

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Sitters Unlimited of Orange County, CA & San Diego County, CA values our relationships with the many parents who trust us to care for their families. We thought that some of our parents may want to connect with other parents, either to share theirfamily care experiences or to ask questions that other parents may be able to help with. As you can see by the information that we invite below you do not need to live in Orange County, CA or San Diego County, CA both of which are areas served by Sitters Unlimited to connect with other parents.

This post will be continually updated with new contacts. To be added to this post and to make it easier for othe parents to find you, please leave the following information in your comment IN THE ORDER BELOW:

  • City and State or Metropolitan Area, you live in
  • male or female
  • age of child(ren) and/or indicate if your interest is in adult care
  • work at home, work outside the home, stay at home parent
  • single parent (if you are looking to connect with other single parents)
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace or other contact ID

You’re welcome to suggest a category that you don’t see listed.

BUSINESS LISTINGS – This directory is not for business listings. If you wish to list your business you may post here.

Now for the legal stuff: While Sitters Unlimited of Orange County, CA & San Diego County, CA, enjoys providing a way for parents to connect with each other we cannot provide specific recommendations or endorsements for anyone listed here.