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South Coast Children’s Society Back to School Drive

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2011 Back to School Drive

SCCS is looking for donors to help equip 150 high‐risk children with the tools they need to start school this year. You can help by building a backpack, donating supplies or simply sending a check.

Build‐A‐Backpack or Provide New Supplies

  • Backpack (no wheels or corporate logos)
  • Binders (3‐ring, 1” and 2”)
  • Sets of dividers
  • Pencils (wooden #2)
  • Pens (medium point red, blue or black)
  • Pencil sharpener with canister
  • Erasers (large pink beveled)
  • Rulers (12” plastic with inches and centimeters)
  • Glue sticks (dries clear)
  • Filler paper (college & wide‐ruled)
  • Pencil case (either box or for binder)
  • Colored pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Crayons
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors (blunt or sharp)
  • Scotch tape
  • Lunch box or paper lunch sacks
  • Zip seal food storage bags
  • Healthy snacks

Other ideas include:

  • Socks
  • Umbrellas
  • Gift cards to bookstore to purchase required reading
  • Gift cards to clothing, office supply, or grocery stores
  • New clothing

You may also add an anonymous note of encouragement if you wish.

Your tax deductible cash or credit card donation will be used to equip students with the tools they need to be prepared to learn.

Supplies needed by August 31 please.

You can drop off a filled back pack and/or misc. new supplies, mail a check to the address below or call to make a credit card donation.

Make checks payable to: SCCS
South Coast Children’s Society, Inc. (SCCS)
Sandy Peffer Stone, CFRE
Director, Grants and Fundraising
3611 South Harbor Blvd., Suite 100
Santa Ana, CA 92704


Eco-Friendly Fundraising For Non-Profit Organizations

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Maybe you can’t get into green homes building, recycling plastic bags, or heading on down to your local computer recycling center, but you can still do your part to cover your carbon footprint. These recycling tips won’t show you what to recycle or how to reduce your carbon footprint but instead will show how you can support a green earth next time your school or church is looking to raise funds.

Or maybe you do calculate your carbon footprint and do all kinds of things to reduce your carbon footprint, like setting up your own paper recycling bins,  composting food in a garden compost bin … but your looking for something else you can do to offset your carbon footprint.

Or maybe you don’t give a darn about saving the earth but your tired of selling gift wrap to co-workers who have a closet full of last years gift wrap and over-sized candy bars to neighbors who buy them only out of a sense of guilt then maybe its time to look into eco-friendly or green fundraising. This is a new way to raise funds for your school, church or other non-profit organization that capitalizes on the trend towards buying green and environmentally friendly products. Just think – if your next door neighbor will buy a giant candy bar that she doesn’t want out of a sense of guilt or the desire to do the right thing, how much will she buy if you’re offering something she really wants? Its a win-win!

It’s a tough economy and the companies featured here can provide you with solutions that will take you way beyond cookie dough and magazine subscriptions. And who knows, maybe just because you’ve got something to offer that’s unique, your fundraiser will be more successful this time around.


In case you’ve never heard of Greenraising, you can check out their founder Lisa Olson who was featured in the April 17 issue of Family Circle magazine  and KABC Los Angeles’ feature by Ellen Leyva.

Greenraising offers schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations several ways to raise funds for their organizations. An organization starts by filling out an online form. We like that! No need to meet with an overeager salesperson with one eye on his commission. Approval takes one to seven days and then you can start fundraising immediately by sending people who are interested in helping your organization to the Greenraising website.

Website Sales
This is the quickest way to start earning money for your organization. Their website contains variety of eco-friendly products. Greenraising gives you 25% of all sales from people who name your group as the beneficiary.

They also offer a “Website Drive” program which allows your organization to earn 40% on all sales. This is similar to a “catalog drive” without the waste of printing up all those catalogs.

Catalog Drives
Greenraising provides you with catalogs and you keep 40% of all money raised by your organization both through catalogs and on the website.

They offer environmentally friendly gift wrap, natural cleaning products, recycled lunchboxes, reusable bottles, reusable bags and many more items. You’ll have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t fall in love with something in their line.

Mother Earth Fundraising

Mother Earth Fundraising offers the usual array of gift wrap, home and garden products, food items, candles … but with a twist – all of their products are earth friendly. Not only will those supporting your organization by buying their products feel good about supporting you but they’ll get the extra bonus of supporting a greener earth. And get this – they do not offer catalogs. And if you want to support a friendly environmental company get this – their fundraising programs are all web-based – no paper catalogs or order forms!

With their online online application process you can be ready to go within one day. Once approved, they provide downloadable marketing materials and an email solicitation service.  You can schedule a 2-week ‘bonus period’ and earn 40% profit during that time. Groups can run 2 ‘bonus periods’ each year and for the remainder of the year, your group earns 25% – 30% profit. They even provide you with ways to continue earning passive income for your group.

Bright Green Kids

Bright Green Kids is an environmentally friendly school fundraiser network, with a charitable giving educational element as well.

BGK has partnered with Children of Uganda, a four-star rated charity, for an Educational Incentive Program. Essentially, when a group signs up for fundraising a portion of their fundraising proceeds goes back to Children of Uganda.

Now we don’t know if BGK has gone so far as to make their buildings green but we love that BGK’s packaging is green also.

Recycle Cell Phones

Get Green joins with your group to keep our planet green and healthy by reusing or recycling all those cellphones that we all have in our junk drawers. Get Green pays your group for inactive cell phones that they then Reuse, Refurbish, and Recycle. They mail you a Fund Raising Collection Kit which contains everything you need to run a successful fundraiser: flyers, posters, collection boxes …  and they have more support resources available for download on their web site.

The program is simple – you place their collection boxes in high traffic areas and when the boxes are full you ship them to Get Green – they even pay the shipping.

Well that’s a whole lot of information, but we wanted to be sure that you had everything you needed to make an informed decision. So when the time comes for your school, sports team, social club … to make a fund-raising decision I hope you will look to an environmentally friendly fundraiser such as those featured here.


Kid’s Art Gallery – Ways to Preserve Your Childrens Art Projects

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Displaying and preserving your childrens art projects can be a challenge. Way too much art and way too little refrigerator space. If you are determined to display each piece of art, before long your home starts to look like a kindergarten classroom. If it breaks your heart (or your child’s heart) to toss out even one piece of precious art read on for some ways to preserve those precious pieces.

Cable Display

In a playroom or child’s room decide how high you will want the art to be hung and attach one hook at that height in a corner and another hook at the same height in the opposite corner.

Cut a piece of picture wire the length of the wall plus six inches. Use pliers to twist one end of the frame wire tightly to one hook, stretch across to the other hook and twist to attach. Clip colored clips, binder clips or clothes pins to the cable and use them to hang your childrens art projects.

Display Board

Install a cork board with decorative moulding in your child’s room and/or playroom.

Magnetic Wall

Paint a child’s bedroom wall or walls with magnetic paint. After the magnetic paint has dried, you can then paint with your regular wall color. Now your child can hang the art work in their own room with magnets.


I like to save those ugly advertising magnets that are delivered to me with each pizza, that are sent to me as thank you gifts when I start a new service, etc. and use them to make my own beautiful magnets.

Scan your childrens art into your computer then arrange several them on a blank document so that each piece is roughly the size of your advertising magnets. Alternatively you can take the art to a copy shop and have it shrunk down on a color copier.

Cut out each piece of art and glue to the advertising magnet.

Spray the finished creation with clear polyurethane for a beautiful shine and a protective finish.

When you have enough of these for your own fridge don’t forget that these magnets can make wonderful gifts for family members and teachers.

Memory Album and CD

Take pictures of the art work to put in a memory album or on a CD. Then discard the original art.

Create an art notebook by punching three holes in each piece of art and placing it in a special notebook.

Hopefully I’ve given you enough ways to display and preserve your childrens art projects to satisfy the onslaught of projects your child brings home from Sunday school, preschool, art class … but if not, then share your ideas in the Comments section.


Crafts for Kids: Bread Art

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This is a cool craft for kids using stale bread!

  • white bread
  • food coloring
  • 1 drinking cup for each color
  • milk
  • new or very clean paintbrush
  • toaster

Pour a small amount of milk into each cup. Add a few drops of food coloring to the cups (a different color in each cup).

Using a paintbrush, paint designs or pictures onto the bread. Don’t soak the bread. Use just enough “paint” for the picture to show. Now toast the bread for edible art!


Companies Who Support Childrens Charities

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IsaKids Essentials – this childrens multivitamin has a tasty all-natural base of fruits and vegetables. IsaKids® does not use artificial colors or flavors. Every purchase helps support Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline.

Kellogg Company – supports various family and child related charities, including Action For Healthy Kids.

Office Depot – supports children through their National Backpack Program, Kids in Need Teacher Grants and many more programs.

If you know of a company who supports childrens charities please leave a comment here and we’ll add them to this page.