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What Baby Crib Bedding Do I Need ?

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When you’re expecting a new baby there is so much to learn and do.  You have to get baby clothes, learn about child development, buy and possibly assemble a crib, then buy baby crib bedding for it.  While everyone wants to have the best for their baby, buying the most expensive luxury bedding doesn’t necessarily mean you have gotten what is best for your baby.  Quality baby bedding can be a simple affair since there are only a few things you really need, and several common bedding items to avoid.

Dangerous Bedding

Babies are prone to make random movements in the night.  They also lack the strength, motor skills, and awareness to be able to self correct when their sleeping position is dangerous.  For example, most of us, if we end up face down in our pillow during the night, will automatically turn our heads until we can breathe again without even thinking about it.  Babies don’t have the strength to raise and turn their heads.  For your baby’s safety you should avoid any big fluffy bedding like pillows and comforters that could cover baby’s face during the night and become a suffocation hazard.  They aren’t necessary for baby and he will be better off without them in his crib.  Instead consider buying several sets of pajamas that will keep baby warm enough without having a comforter pulled over her.  Swaddling blankets, or swaddling baby in a receiving blanket, can also be a good alternative to a comforter in the crib.  While pillows are not good for baby, you should buy some bumpers to make sure baby doesn’t hurt himself on the bars of the crib.  Make sure they are held tightly against the frame, and that baby cannot get herself entangled in the ties.

Making Life Simpler

While the only baby crib bedding that is necessary are bumpers, a bottom sheet, and pajamas, there are a few other things for baby’s bed that will make your life a whole lot easier.  Sheet protectors can help you avoid those late night crib sheet changes when baby’s diaper leeks.  They’re little pads that are cotton on one side and plastic on the other.  You can think of them as flat backup diapers to keep diaper leaks off the sheets.  You may also want to invest in baby blankets or security blankets.  If you tuck all of the edges under the mattress, it won’t pose a danger to baby and can help give your baby a sense of security by always being there when it is bedtime.


Guide to Breastfeeding for Career Moms

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As breastfeeding becomes more acceptable in our society, career moms are finding lots of ways to make breastfeeding while pursuing a career work for them.

Staying Healthy

Getting both good nutrition and a proper amount of sleep are critical for any breastfeeding mom. If you’re lacking in either area, your milk supply can be reduced and  while this doesn’t necessarily stop you from breastfeeding it can make breastfeeding more frustrating.

Working at a career outside the home makes it especially difficult to make your health a priority. Getting enough sleep to function well can really be a challenge if you’re working during the first few months of your baby’s life, when two or three feedings throughout the night is the norm.

One solution that many nursing moms have implemented is to hire a night nurse. The night nurse can either bring the baby to you, change diapers, etc. so that you can breastfeed and get right back to sleep, or you can express milk and  the night nanny then bottle feeds the baby with the expressed milk.


Check out these discussions from moms who’ve hired a night nanny:

Charlotte Smarty Pants

Lil Sugar

Many nursing moms find that certain foods impart a taste to their milk that the baby doesn’t like or which cause digestive upset and/or gas. If you suspect that food is a factor in your baby’s digestive problems, start a food journal to ecord what you ate and how the baby reacted. You should be able to track down the food culprit easily this way.

Pumping Breast Milk

Most moms who breastfeed and work outside the home are pumping breast milk so that they or another family member can feed the baby when breastfeeding isn’t possible or isn’t convenient. Successful expressing requires a good breast pump and a little practice. There are many features that can make pumping work much better for you. Some new moms find it helpful to talk to a lactation consultant or connect with other moms through online forums before buying a breast pump.


International Lactation Consultant Association

American Pregnancy Association

Berkeley Parents Network

Got Breast Pump

Practice pumping before you need to rely on it for your baby’s needs, and don’t be discouraged if these first attempts don’t give you much milk. Store any milk you express to use later on.  Using a breast pump can take some getting used to; it may take some time to get it right.

Checklist to Successful Breastfeeding at Work

  • Nurse As Much As Possible – The more you nurse, the more likely you are to be successful.
  • Find A Private Place To Pump –  a private office (either yours or a sympathetic coworkers), an empty office, a conference room, the restroom
  • Get Support From Your Coworkers – Support from your coworkers, boss and employers goes a long way toward helping to make breastfeeding work for you while working.
  • Commit to A Pumping Schedule – Try to pump at the same time every day. Your body will respond by giving you a good milk supply when you’re ready to express.
  • Have Extra Pumping Supplies – Extra pumping horns, sterile containers, nursing pads and an all purpose blouse stashed in your office or cubicle can be the difference between a disaster and a blip in your work day.
  • Storing Pumped Milk – There are lots of options for storing milk at work; the employee refrigerator, a mini fridge in your office or cubicle, or a cooler will all work just fine.

If you’ll be expressing and storing breast milk store it in the proper type of container. A mothers antibodies that reside in breast milk stick to many types of plastics and therefore cannot be passed on to the baby who needs them. Use bags designed for storing breast milk. They’re made of a type of plastic that reduces the loss of antibodies.

What If It’s Just Not Working?

If  breastfeeding while working outside the home isn’t working for you, I would encourage you to not give up. Start by talkiing to a lactation consultant. There may be a very simple fix that you’re not seeing.

If a lactation consultant isn’t an option for you then connect with a local support group or look for an online forum.

If you’re thinking about giving up you may be able to supplement your  breast milk with infant formula. Just don’t mix formula and breast milk in the same bottle. The advantage to storing your breast milk or supplementing it with formula is that other family members can be involved in feeding the new member of the family.

If you do decide that breastfeeding isn’t for you, I hope you won’t feel guilty about this. Breastfeeding isn’t for every mom. If you’re not going to be breastfeeding, you and the rest of your family will still be able to enjoy bonding with your new baby while bottle feeding.

More Reading for Working Moms


Family Travel Games

Posted by admin

Getting to your family vacation place can be half the fun with the help of a few family travel games for kids and kids travel activities, which keeps the kids from asking, “are we there yet”?

Where Do You Hear It?

One person makes a sound and the rest of the family tries to guess where that sound would take place. For example, the sound of a cow mooing could either be a farm or a barn.

Alphabet Game

Starting with “A” the first person has to see a sign, a license plate, a car logo … and state where they saw it. Then the game moves to the letter “B” and so on until you’ve reached “Z”.

Tip: Playing as a team can help smooth over a quarrelsome mood as each player who identifies a letter helps the team move forward.

Travel Scavenger Hunt

Each person writes down a list of items that they think will be seen on this leg of the trip. You could include a particlar color of car, a license plate from a certain state, landmarks, fast food places or animals. Each person passes their list to the right. You can work on the lists individually or in teams. If one or more persons cannot read then they would team up with someone who can read.

Spelling Game

Someone starts out by saying a letter such as “B”. The next person thinks of a word that starts with a “B” and adds a “A”, as in “bat”. The next person has to think of a word that contains both the letters “B” and “A”, and might decide to add a “C” as in “back”. Each player must have a word in mind, because another player can challenge you at any time if they don’t think there is such a word. If a player is challenged and they don’t have a word in mind or their word is nonsense, they’re out of the game. Tip: We like to play this game with a dictionary on hand.

License Plate Game

Write down every different state license plate that passes you on the road. Decide on a goal, depending on how long your trip is. For instance, if you’re going to be on the road for an hour, your goal might be 8, but if you’re making a longer trip you may want to make 20 different plates you goal. The first person to hit the goal wins.


Top 100 Children’s Books Reviewed By Parents

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Many of you have childrens books that are a staple of your story-time, or maybe a book that you fondly remember. This is the place for parents to post your childrens books reviews and comments. If a book is a rare children’s book please mention it also. Maybe we can even come up with a list of top 100 children’s books.

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Connecting With Other Parents

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Sitters Unlimited of Orange County, CA & San Diego County, CA values our relationships with the many parents who trust us to care for their families. We thought that some of our parents may want to connect with other parents, either to share theirfamily care experiences or to ask questions that other parents may be able to help with. As you can see by the information that we invite below you do not need to live in Orange County, CA or San Diego County, CA both of which are areas served by Sitters Unlimited to connect with other parents.

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