Give Yourself A Raise

It's a strange time right now; we're all trying to figure out how to stay as "normal" as possible but the truth is that we need to adapt, even if it's only for a short period of time. 

Many of our caregivers have been doing the activities below to boost what they make while they're babysitting, pet-sitting, house-sitting or providing senior care. Even if you're not doing family care though, sitting down to watch a movie or binge watch your fave series can put an extra $5 - $20/day into your bank account. That doesn't sound like much but that adds up to an extra $150 - $600 per month just for clicking your keyboard while watching TV!

Wouldn't you love to get a $1 or $2 per hour raise? What if you could give yourself a raise without having to ask your employer to pay you more? "Impossible!", you say. I beg to differ. Nowadays many of our caregivers make $1 to $2 per hour more than they did a year ago AND we didn't have to charge our clients more to give our caregivers a substantial raise! Okay, that's enough of a teaser, let's get down to it.

About a year ago one of our babysitters (Lisa) told me she'd been making extra money by taking surveys. At first I thought that the $2 an hour she was making wasn't worth the time but then I realized that she was already being paid to babysit and that when she was sitting with the kids watching a cartoon or while they were napping she was taking surveys. And then it really hit me - ANYONE who has a job with downtime can give themselves an automatic raise just by filling out surveys! Are you convinced now?

As other babysitters started getting in on “the action” we started taking notes so everyone could benefit. This became Lisa’s List and we offer it free to all caregivers in the Sitters Unlimited family.

I wouldn't feel right encouraging you to look at survey sites if I didn't first warn you to NEVER give a survey or opinion site your credit card info, bank info, or SS#.  All legit sites will ask for personal info related to your interests so that they can curate what offers they send your way and some will ask for your address (to verify you’re a real person and not a bot) but if you feel uncomfortable about what information you're being asked to give then just back out of the site and move on to another one. The promise of a few dollars isn't worth the risk.


Do you want to know which companies actually do pay what they say they will pay? Which companies are easiest to work with? Which companies pay more? Read on.

LifePoints Panel

Share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services, because, now more than ever, your opinion counts. Our caregivers say that earning points on Life Points Panel is easier than on any other site. Our babysitters generally make around $2 - $4 in the first 30 minutes after signing up which includes the time it takes to set up a profile. We all know that's not going to replace your job but earning $2 - 4 an hour on top of what you’re already making while babysitting is exciting!

Stay tuned for more fun and free ways to add $$$ to your hourly earning!

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