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Free Background Check

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Providing a family with a clean background check and a squeaky-clean social media presence is the core of getting your next best job. This is so important that we’ve broken the info into three emails as each step takes time to complete.

If you’re applying for a new job, it’s essential that you check your criminal record, credit report, and online footprint thoroughly so you can fix any errors and stay on top of your game. Caregivers who bring a background check to their first interview are already one step ahead of the competition!

If you’ve done a background check in the past but it’s not current, bring a copy of that with you and let the family know you’ll send them an updated background check ASAP –  and then get to work immediately as it can take up to ten days to get the results, and you want the family to have your background check in their hands when they’re making their decision.

So, How Do You Run a Personal Background Check on Yourself?

If you work for or volunteer with an organization that requires a background check you should be able to obtain a copy. If you’re concerned about your current employer knowing that you’re planning to moonlight you can reassure them that you’re just going to be doing some babysitting or pet-sitting and need something to show the family.

A background check that will reassure a parent should include:

  • criminal check
  • sex offender National Database report
  • DMV check
  • credit report*
  • education report*

*These are optional

Free & Low-Cost Background Checks

If you find something about yourself that you know to be incorrect you should take steps to clear this up. If you are seeing these results than you know that others will see the same.

If you find nothing on yourself, you should print this out to show that no results showing your name and address are on that database.


National Sexual Offenders Database

Court Records (County, State, and Federal) – Do an online search for your county courthouse to see if they allow free or low-cost reports. This is how we did the background checks on our caregivers for many years.

Stay tuned for the second post in this series – The Gold Standard for Background Checks.

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