I'll be honest with you, the surveys on this site can be frustrating. While they pay well, qualifying can take up to 20 minutes of answering questions and you may find out you don't qualify for that particular survey. However once  you've created your account and completed several surveys then the opportunities below will open up for you.

Evaluations pay the most on this site. You're given a product or service  and you're expected to give your honest opinion about it at the end of the trial period.
You can earn $5 and $75 per evaluation.

Reward Mail
You get paid for opening and interacting with advertisements sent to your email. You can make up to $0.10 for each email that you open and interact with.

You can earn up to $0.25 for watching vides online. Most of the videos are short.

You make $5 for each person that you refer to the site. Our sitters love this! It's super easy to refer someone and it's nice to pocket $5 each time someone you refer signs up with Vindale.

Member in certain locations are entitled to exclusive discounts and coupons.

Cash Contests
There are cash contests in Vindale research almost every week. You can make up to $15 from these contests.

Submitting A Payment Photo
You can make $5 when you send a photo of you with your check from Vindale.

What I Liked
Their referral program which allow you to post your referral links anywhere.
It's one of the few sites that pay in cash either with a snail-mail check or through PayPal.
It has unique earning opportunities. For example, members get paid just by clicking on advertisements sent to their emails.
The site gives a detailed account of all your payments
There is a daily consumer study that you can do as many times as you want. You will receive a payment every time you complete a study.
Their website is easy to navigate.
You can check out their blog, Facebook and Twitter pages for info about new surveys, offers and free samples.

What I Don't Like
Some of their "offers" take you to third-party sites which require you to do things like pay a $30 entry fee for which Vindale pays you $40 so you earn $10. This is not a good practice to adopt. If you're intrigued, maybe try it once, but wait until you get your money back before trying it again. Or better yet, use the money you earn by referring others to Vindale to try out this riskier option.
Coupons can be used in the United States only.
Minimum cash out is $50.

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