Keeping Children Safe When With A Caregiver

by Kathleane O’Leary, Director of Sitters Unlimited – a Southern CA babysitting & childcare agency serving Orange County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County & Riverside¬† County.

In our work with children we are always concerned about safety. I’d like to pass on to you some basic guidelines and child safety tips we’ve developed and which I hope will help to keep your child(ren) safe when in the care of a school, church nursery, babysitter, or older child – in other words, anyone other than yourself.

I would like our families to know that all of the babysitters here at Sitters Unlimited (Orange County & San Diego County) practice our Keep Children Safe policies.

Click here to receive our free report “Keeping Kids Safe When With a Caregiver”. Hopefully this report will help you to have a little more peace of mind when your children are in the care of someone other than yourself.