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How to Find a Babysitting Job Online

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There are some great online platforms set up for connecting parents and caregivers. The advantage is that it takes minimal effort on your part, the disadvantage is that everybody else looking for care-giving jobs is perusing the same boards but we’ll help you navigate the boards to minimize your time and maximize your results. Check out the BONUS section for some unique ways to find caregiving jobs online that will help you to skip ahead of the “pack”.

Pros: Lots of listings. Easy to filter for jobs in your zip code.

Cons: Some of our caregivers have had uncomfortable experiences with persons registered as “parents” and some have experienced outright attempts to scam them. Their background check service is of the “instant” variety which as you learned in our How To Do Your Own Background Check series is not the most accurate way to do a background check.

Most parents request an interview even for a one-off booking. You can end up going on a lot of interviews just to get one job.

Cost: $20/month



Pro: Lots of listings. You can use the search function to look for specific cities.

Con: Beware! There are no gateways to posting and contacting each other through this online bulletin board. Many of our sitters have told us they’ve had some “parents” attempt to con them by offering to pay a large sum up front (before they’ve even met the sitter) and asking the sitter to then send back a portion of the “overpayment”.

Cost: FREE



Pros: a nation-wide service that has over 25 years of experience matching nannies with families. They offer NannyShare which allows you to earn extra money by caring for children from two families at the same time. Auto Pay service so you don’t have to ask for a check each week. Love that! They have an online community.

Con: I couldn’t find anything myself or online that I could list as a negative.

Cost: FREE


Sitters Unlimited Job Board

This is our new online board gaining traction in some very unique ways.

Pros: This board is connected with a network of boutique care-giving services so there are jobs here that aren’t listed anywhere else. You can set up an alert so you’ll be notified when new jobs are posted. And since it’s a new job board fewer caregivers have discovered it.

Con: Still a new board so not as many listings as other online boards.

Cost: FREE


Sitter City

Pro: Claims to have a new job posting every two minutes.

Pro Tip: skip the $60 “enhanced background check”, we’ve found that it doesn’t increase your chances of getting a job. (PENDING Affiliate Program

Con: Some families resent when you aren’t available outside of the hours or days you originally agreed to. If you ‘re not looking for a full time nanny position you need to constantly apply to jobs.

Cost: FREE


Urban Sitter

Pro: Allows parents to use their social media and other online connections to match up with babysitters that parents they know are using on a regular basis.

Con: Job opportunities are limited and very competitive.

Cost: FREE



Connect with families you know through Facebook. As your Facebook network expands, so do your job opportunities! You’ll receive requests directly from families looking for a babysitter. You can view job details and let the family know if you’re available. Get paid directly through the app with secure deposits made automatically into your Venmo or bank account.



Bubble connects parents to babysitters recommended by their friends and the in-app payment feature makes settling up super easy.


Career Center

Many parents specifically want to hire a college-age babysitter. Check with your college’s Career Center for local jobs.


Facebook Jobs

FB isn’t just a way to connect with family and friends it’s also a great way to find local jobs. Once you find a position you’re interested in you can apply directly through Facebook.



This app works with other online services to help families and caregivers build a trusted network. SitterPro includes a timekeeper, calculator, and in-app payment function that prevents end of the night math errors and running to the bank to deposit checks.


Social Media

Get the word out that you’re not only interested in babysitting jobs but that you’re an involved babysitter by posting pics of craft projects, kids games and of yourself playing with kids (without showing the children’s faces) on your own social media.

Search through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for groups that allow you to post your availability for jobs.



Zum is a unique service that can help fill in the gaps between jobs or you may find that you prefer this work model. Zum helps parents to arrange transportation for their kids. They can also add up to two hours of child care  before or after a ride. Prices start at $8 per child for carpool rides and $16 for solo rides.

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