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What Baby Crib Bedding Do I Need ?

Posted by TKA Guest Post

When you’re expecting a new baby there is so much to learn and do.  You have to get baby clothes, learn about child development, buy and possibly assemble a crib, then buy baby crib bedding for it.  While everyone wants to have the best for their baby, buying the most expensive luxury bedding doesn’t necessarily mean you have gotten what is best for your baby.  Quality baby bedding can be a simple affair since there are only a few things you really need, and several common bedding items to avoid.

Dangerous Bedding

Babies are prone to make random movements in the night.  They also lack the strength, motor skills, and awareness to be able to self correct when their sleeping position is dangerous.  For example, most of us, if we end up face down in our pillow during the night, will automatically turn our heads until we can breathe again without even thinking about it.  Babies don’t have the strength to raise and turn their heads.  For your baby’s safety you should avoid any big fluffy bedding like pillows and comforters that could cover baby’s face during the night and become a suffocation hazard.  They aren’t necessary for baby and he will be better off without them in his crib.  Instead consider buying several sets of pajamas that will keep baby warm enough without having a comforter pulled over her.  Swaddling blankets, or swaddling baby in a receiving blanket, can also be a good alternative to a comforter in the crib.  While pillows are not good for baby, you should buy some bumpers to make sure baby doesn’t hurt himself on the bars of the crib.  Make sure they are held tightly against the frame, and that baby cannot get herself entangled in the ties.

Making Life Simpler

While the only baby crib bedding that is necessary are bumpers, a bottom sheet, and pajamas, there are a few other things for baby’s bed that will make your life a whole lot easier.  Sheet protectors can help you avoid those late night crib sheet changes when baby’s diaper leeks.  They’re little pads that are cotton on one side and plastic on the other.  You can think of them as flat backup diapers to keep diaper leaks off the sheets.  You may also want to invest in baby blankets or security blankets.  If you tuck all of the edges under the mattress, it won’t pose a danger to baby and can help give your baby a sense of security by always being there when it is bedtime.

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