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Kids Craft Project Using Recycled Paper – Make a Bookmark

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Here’s another fun craft for kids using recycled materials. In my opinion the best kinds of craft projects for kids are those that use recycled materials. Your little reader will have fun making his or her own bookmark using recycled paper cardboard.

Using a ruler and pencil, draw lines on your cardboard 1 ½-inches to 3-inches apart. If your cardboard is longer than six inches draw a line at six inches to mark the length of your bookmark.

Place the cardboard on a surface that will not be damaged by a knife, such as a cutting board, a piece of thick cardboard, or a pad of newspaper. Use an Exacto or craft knife to cut along the lines you’ve marked.

Decorate and leave as is or cover with clear contact paper to protect your design.

Optional: punch a hole in the top of the bookmark and attach a tassel, a charm or a button on a length of several strands of embroidery floss or thin ribbon.

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