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How to Handle Working Moms Guilt

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working mom guilt

If you wish you could be a better mom, you’re not alone. Working mom’s guilt is practically an epidemic. So how do you deal with the feelings of guilt, whether you love or hate your job? Read’s article Dealing With Working Moms Guilt to find out.

  1. stacey ross Said,

    Here are my thoughts: There is rational and irrational guilt. Rational guilt is to remind us that we are doing something contrary to our value system that we have formulated (moral compass)….we are a bit off track or more. It is a little voice that we can listen to or ignore. Irrational guilt is unreasonable expectations we have of ourselves and we somehow are programed to feel responsible for something unreasonable. Guilt is a good self-check, and we should never ignore that little voice. I can’t wait for the day I do not feel guilty about eating a rich, chocolate brownie w/scoop of ice cream. 🙂

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