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Family Travel Games

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Getting to your family vacation place can be half the fun with the help of a few family travel games for kids and kids travel activities, which keeps the kids from asking, “are we there yet”?

Where Do You Hear It?

One person makes a sound and the rest of the family tries to guess where that sound would take place. For example, the sound of a cow mooing could either be a farm or a barn.

Alphabet Game

Starting with “A” the first person has to see a sign, a license plate, a car logo … and state where they saw it. Then the game moves to the letter “B” and so on until you’ve reached “Z”.

Tip: Playing as a team can help smooth over a quarrelsome mood as each player who identifies a letter helps the team move forward.

Travel Scavenger Hunt

Each person writes down a list of items that they think will be seen on this leg of the trip. You could include a particlar color of car, a license plate from a certain state, landmarks, fast food places or animals. Each person passes their list to the right. You can work on the lists individually or in teams. If one or more persons cannot read then they would team up with someone who can read.

Spelling Game

Someone starts out by saying a letter such as “B”. The next person thinks of a word that starts with a “B” and adds a “A”, as in “bat”. The next person has to think of a word that contains both the letters “B” and “A”, and might decide to add a “C” as in “back”. Each player must have a word in mind, because another player can challenge you at any time if they don’t think there is such a word. If a player is challenged and they don’t have a word in mind or their word is nonsense, they’re out of the game. Tip: We like to play this game with a dictionary on hand.

License Plate Game

Write down every different state license plate that passes you on the road. Decide on a goal, depending on how long your trip is. For instance, if you’re going to be on the road for an hour, your goal might be 8, but if you’re making a longer trip you may want to make 20 different plates you goal. The first person to hit the goal wins.

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